Colleges & Universities

In the forefront with programs for energy excellence and sustainability, Eneractive supports higher education institutions with energy master planning, project development, and commissioning/retro-commissioning services that deliver on their visions.

Eneractive has provided energy management services to a multitude of higher education clients with mixed administrative, athletics, housing, laboratory and classroom campus layouts, deftly analyzing interconnected facilities with an array of high base-loads, variable use, sensitive equipment, and stringent operating conditions. This expertise allows our team to develop a comprehensive energy master plan that ensures the individual building systems work as intended while ensuring the efficiency and sustainability goals of the campus are met.

For institutions committed to the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, the goals and objectives of the Commitment have many institutions stymied with how to proceed towards success. Eneractive is helping develop greenhouse gas inventories and energy master plans to contribute to the achievement of these lofty goals in an approach that remains both visionary and pragmatic.