Energy Awareness

As a provider of engineered solutions, many clients are interested to hear our narratives on energy awareness and education as a vital component of a sound and enduring energy strategy.

By engaging a working community in being cause in the matter of energy conservation, our technical solutions become even more powerful when the occupants of facilities take a personal interest in optimizing the performance of those facilities.

Eneractive’s Energy Awareness programs are developed to allow clients to become educated on what to look for and become engaged as a partner in the energy conservation and social responsibility initiatives of their organizations. Using both traditional lectures and technological gaming, we set up programs that have our clients focusing on the human element of energy conservation, long after our other engineered solutions are completed.

As part of our commitment to building energy awareness for colleges and universities, Eneractive has developed its Energy Training Dorm Game where students can navigate through a virtual college dorm room and control the energy consuming equipment in it. This is a great new innovative tool to help students understand how they can directly contribute to energy conservation for the communities they are a part of. Check out our dorm game at: